Dreams, emotions and ADVENTURE begin.

Choosing a company to climb Aconcagua is a decision that should not be made hastily. Why? Because we are choosing much more than services in a remote mountain in the Andes.

At Goldengruss Group we have understood the complexity of this decision, what is decided is who takes care of us, who will be the manager of our security. Years of experience inside and outside the Aconcagua Provincial Park support our expertise.




The best partner

It's more than a mountain, it's a dream. Taking on this adventure trip can generate a lot of nervousness. Therefore, finding the company that will take care of them is a serious task and we are sure that we are your best option.

We have more than 20 years of experience inside and outside Aconcagua. Knowing the mountain from end to end is a minimum requirement for us.

However, our main added value is ethics, knowing every detail of Aconcagua is essential but insufficient. A group of people with high values make a TEAM and that is what we make available to each of our clients. We conveyed a clear message from the beginning.

We gladly carry out the difficult task of making them feel comfortable, at home, we are empathetic and provide warmth in our attention. We generate a controlled environment, being responsible for ensuring your most precious asset and safety.
It is about mutual trust and that is why we appreciate and appreciate that you have made your decision and choose us.


Our goals are clear. We specialize in Aconcagua, we provide expedition and guide services. Thus obtaining a high satisfaction rate and excellent service. We constantly learn and improve. We have the best alliances in Aconcagua Park.

Personalized Attention

We operate a small number of expeditions providing an excellent service, we are always focused on you.



We have a team willing to resolve your needs and concerns. 24/7 you can talk to the office or the director who will be happy to assist you.



Being a licensed guide is not enough; Being active throughout the year is the basis for being part of the team. We are looking for people with different abilities who can enrich the experience.



Balanced menus, internet connectivity, hot shower, clean, ecological bathrooms and other details that guarantee well-being and satisfaction in the mountains.


Daniel “Dani” Agüero

Trekking Guide

He is a trekking guide, he has managed to transform his hobby into a professional activity. During the last 9 years He has dedicated himself full time to travel the mountains mainly from Mendoza and to train himself to be able to provide a great service. At the same time, He has a good command of English since he is interested in getting to know our clients.

He has several ascents in Aconcagua and different mountains of the Andes.

Dario Zangrandi

Trekking Guide

He is a Trekking guide and Nature Conservation Technician. The mountain has been his playground forever, it has led him to love the high peaks. He has several seasons of experience in Aconcagua, He has been a porter and a guide during the last 5. He has taken part in several ascents of varying complexity in the Andes and mainly in Aconcagua. He tries to spend his free time climbing.

Gabriela Principe


She is in charge of the office, she is in charge of sales and administration. She is the contact between the mountain and the city when our expeditions are on the move. For her is a pleasure to be able to advise and help you in all your needs from the start until your return home.


Trekking Guide

Born in Mendoza, he is a professional trekking guide, certified by the EPGAMT. Julio is known for his enthusiasm and great charisma in the mountains, always smiling and with the “mate” in his hand.

He has climbed many mountains in  the Andes, Patagonia and  the Alps. When he is not in the mountains, he practices sports such as rowing, rock climbing and kayaking. 

Angel “Negro” Lucero


He is in charge of logistics in Mendoza, he will be responsible for coordinating the details in our warehouse. He will take care of your tents, high altitude food and any other detail that is necessary for our expeditions to be carried out satisfactorily.

Elbio “El Gaucho” Vergara

Horseback Riding

He has dedicated his life to horses and the mountains, for many years he has worked as a muleteer in Aconcagua. The last 12 years he has dedicated himself to horseback riding in Uspallata, the area where he was born. He also  does the Andes crossing. In his words “I simply love what I do”.

Pablo Goldengruss

Founder and Director

I am the founder and director of the Goldengruss Group. I was born in Buenos Aires and during my early youth, I left behind my family and friends  to take the first big step. I moved more than a thousand kilometers away to be close to the mountains. Today I am proud to tell you that I am a mountain guide from the most prestigious school in Argentina (EPGAMT) and I am also a graduate in Tourism. I have been traveling for more than 20 years throughout a large part of the world. I have climbed mountains in the Andes, Patagonia, Bolivia, Peru, Alaska, Russia and Switzerland among others. I have 20 seasons working in Aconcagua and I have  summited it no less than 30 times.

I enjoy what I do, I am passionate about it and I have decided to give my life to the mountains. This enthusiasm led me to take a second big step on this path and a few years ago I made a transcendental decision in my life: to have my own company. I am fulfilling my dreams and objectives in the same way we want to help you carry out yours. Join us!

Carlos “Charlie” Scellato

Trekking Guide

Carlos “Charlie” Scellato was born in Mendoza. He is a professional trekking guide, certified by the EPGAMT and a Physical Education teacher. He has been working in the Aconcagua Provincial Park since 2006, carrying out different tasks, including porter and guide. He has crowned the summit of Aconcagua 23 times and  has participated in multiple rescues.

He has also climbed different mountains in the Andes; Bolivia and Alaska.

He considers himself a nature lover, which is why he offers his passengers a unique and unforgettable experience!!!


Trekking Guide

Vladimir was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and at the age of 5 he moved to Argentina 

where he grew up. Today, he can boast 29 summits in the highest peak of South America, where he worked as a porter first, and as a guide after graduating from the mountain guide school of Mendoza, applying its ancestral family principles of the Inca culture in his profession: “ama llulla, ama kjella, ama sua” “ do not lie,do not be lazy, do not steal”. He provides his clients with the best possible service, attending to their concerns and ensuring their safety, and letting them enjoy the day-to-day of each expedition. 

“Aconcagua season is like a vacation time for me, because it gives me the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world, helping them to fulfill their dreams. That for me is priceless.”



On January 14, 1897, a Swiss guide named Matthias Zurbriggen passed into immortality, becoming the first person to climb Aconcagua, the expedition was commissioned by Fitz Gerald.

Years later, in 1934, an unprecedented feat for the time was accomplished. The Poles Otrowski, Narkiewicz, Daszinski and Osiecki crowned the glacier located on the southeastern slope, having entered a valley hitherto unexplored, known today as the Polish Glacier. This milestone marks a before and after in the history of modern ascents in Aconcagua.

The same year, 1934, Nicolas Plantamura became the first Argentine to climb Aconcagua.